We broadcast on 95.1 FM
and webcast from Fatima Academy March 7 to 11.

New - Photos by Michelle.

Chris heard from friends out in Fort Mac
listening to the webcast - some with iPhones at work.

We would like to hear from people
who listened to either the broadcast or the webcast.
Email Arlene and let us know if you want
more Cape Shore Community Radio.


Our community reporter, Mallary McGrath
did a great job with her interviews.

The special event is Tramore community theatre's tenth
anniversary celebrating the oral history, tradition and
cultural diversity of the Cape Shore.

Partners in the event are Tramore Productions;
the Rural Secretariat;
Avalon Gateway Regional Economic Development Board;
Fatima Academy; College of the North Atlantic;
Town of Branch, and the Cuslett Recreation Committee.

If you have QuickTime installed on your computer,
you can click on the photo to listen to Deirdre Wadding
Wexford traditional storyteller and singer.
Deirdre sang this song at Feile Tilting last September.

If the wind is right,
you may be listening to it now. You can also
start up QuickTime as an application and open this
url - http://www.ryakuga.ca/media/deidreblack.mov

Link to the Tramore website.

Thanks to the Capeway Motel
for the internet connection.

Archive of Ryakuga FM Broadcasts and Webcasts.

Link to a QuickTime tutorial.

Download a 1.1 MB e-newsletter: Ryakuga Simulcast.

The Irish Heart of Newfoundland: a Rural Women's project
(QuickTime video)

Thanks to the Victoria FreeNet for their ongoing support.


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