The Voice of Bonne Bay (VOBB) Webcast:

Mobilizing Research in Rural NL: Next Steps
was webcast from
the Bonne Bay Marine Station on November 10.

The meeting was called by the Rural Catalyst Committee
representing participants from Grenfell
and College of the North Atlantic Corner Brook
with support from the Rural Secretariat.

Pre-event questions circulated included:
What is a vibrant rural community?
What are the top issues/challenges facing rural NL and rural research?

Visit the Rural NL website.

Here are directions for the November 10 VOBB webcast.

The Voice of Bonne Bay Website

If you hear music now
it's not the webcast
but it means you already have a QuickTime media player.
First close this browser page,
Open QuickTime and File/open url:

URL supplied at time of webcast.

If you don't hear music, read on.

It should be stressed that we are webcasting
from a rural area - we try to ensure that even dial up
listeners are supported so we use a highly compressed
mono audio stream.

Think of the webcast as a rural pub.
There is limited room inside (our bandwidth)
so you may have to wait until somebody
leaves before you can get in.

Please note: you won't be able to listen to the webcast
until we are on air on November 10.

You can use either QuickTime or VLC to listen to the webcast.

For experienced listeners, the URL to open with the player is:

URL supplied at time of webcast.

During a recent webcast from Tilting
the listeners discovered VideoLAN,
a volunteer Open Source group in France.
They have developed an Open Source media player - VLC -
which seemed to solve access problems for the Tilting webcast.

Link to a VLC download.

We have been webcasting in rural Newfoundland for the past decade.
Traditionally we suggested you have QuickTime player installed
on your computer - WIMP or REAL won't work.
If you hear music now, it is not the webcast,
but it means you already have QuickTime
installed on your computer.

If you have music playing,
go straight to step two : )

Thanks to Peter Gnemmi and Fred Shepherd
for suggesting improved instructions for listening in.

Step 1: Click here to download QuickTime
(if you don't already have it).

Step 2: Windows users high light this
web address, and select copy.

URL supplied at time of webcast.

Step 3: Open QuickTime player
and under file - open url.

Step 4: Paste in the web address.

Step 5: Enjoy : )

If you have QuickTime installed on your computer,
you can click on the first photo to listen to Tweed Twangers. If the wind is right,
you may be listening to it now. You can also
start up QuickTime as an application and open this
url -

The Voice of Bonne Bay

Link to a QuickTime tutorial.

Download a 1.1 MB e-newsletter: Simulcast.

Thanks to the Victoria FreeNet for their ongoing support.