Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador AGM, November 1 to 4, Corner Brook:

    Click here to read Mallary McGrath's 25 Reasons to Support Community Media.

    Read the MNL release on broadcasting.

    View the MNL AGM agenda.

    November 4: Thanks to Louis and Karla for the Arts and Culture Center support.

    November 3: Thanks to our Grenfell/Ryakuga Media Team - Vincent K. Chireh;
    Rumbi Kayangarara; Micah Kanyangarara; Abigail Copong; Abul-Rahim Abdulai;
    Sophie Liqui Zhang; Dinah Okyere; Richard Nyiawung; Darrian Washinger, and
    Sien Van der Broeke.

    November 2: Live AGM programming starts today.

    Thanks to Kody from BOIR for his support. BOIR will go on air at 100.1 FM
    following the MNL AGM.

    November 1: MNL AGM Radio playlist on air in Corner Brook (100.1 Stereo FM).

    MNL is enhancing its AGM with a simultaneous FM radio broadcast
    and internet radio webcast.

    You will be able to link to the internet radio from this page.

    Stay tuned for more information about the event.

    Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Symposium, May 4 to 6, Gander:

    May 5: Network 17 program at 5 p.m.

    Conference scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m.

    May 4: 11 a.m. - More than 300 delegates at MNL Municipal Symposium. Live programming begins.

    May 2: 3 p.m. - On air at 104.7 stereo FM.

    May 1: 5 p.m. - On the internet with a 408 item playlist of NL music, concerts and interviews.

    The Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Symposium is scheduled in Gander May 4 to 6.

    MNL is sharing the symposium with a simultaneous 104.7 FM radio broadcast and internet radio webcast.

    Network 17

    "Community radio has proved to be one of the best media of communication and agenda setting at the grass-root level."
    (UNESCO, Good Governance, 2005)

    MNL is interested in the long range goal of encouraging community media as a benefit to municipal governance.

    Click here to hear (MP3) former Branch Mayor Priscilla Corcoran Mooney discuss how community media can
    enhance municipal governance with Branch Councillor Mallary McGrath.

    So the Municipal Symposium broadcast will also include Network 17 - the seventh annual "meeting" of NL
    community media volunteers.

    Our plan is to include discussion of community media and municipal governance in the radio program.

    Click here to go to the Network 17 page.