Feile Tilting 2010 broadcast and webcast from
St. Patrick's Hall in Tilting September 9 - 12.

This year's radio component focused
on making a connection with an Irish
audience, as well as reaching out to expatriates.

The concept of participatory community radio
was enhanced by advice on the Town of Tilting website to
use Audacity to record stories for the broadcast.

Skype was not only used to call-in
but it was also the software used to make a connection for
simultaneous broadcasting with Community Radio Youghal
in County Cork.

It should be stressed that we are webcasting
from a rural area - we try to ensure that even dial up
listeners are supported so we use a highly compressed
mono audio stream.

Think of the webcast as a rural pub.
There is limited room inside (our bandwidth)
so you may have to wait until somebody
leaves before you can get in.

Check out Tilting and the Feile Tilting Program.

Link to Feile Tilting 2009.

We webcast MP4 (QuickTime). QuickTime is a free download -
we will ensure the audio stream will be compatible
with dial-up internet connections.

Click on the logo to download a free QuickTime player.

However, for the Sunday webcast from Tilting
the listeners discovered VideoLAN,
a volunteer Open Source group in France.
They have developed an Open Source media player - VLC -
which seemed to solve access problems for the Tilting webcast.

Link to a VLC download.

Fogo Island is known globally as one of
the birth places of participatory communications.
"The Fogo Process" is still taught in schools on the island.
This photo shows MUN Extension field worker Fred Earle
working on the island in the 60s.

partnered with the Town of Tilting;
Tilting Recreation and Cultural Society; Irish Business Partnership;
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Fogo Island Co-op
to bring you the broadcast of Feile Tilting 2010
from September 9 to 12.

If you have QuickTime installed on your computer,
you can click on the first photo to listen to Deirdre Wadding
sing at Feile Tilting 2009. If the wind is right,
you may be listening to it now. You can also
start up QuickTime as an application and open this
url - http://www.ryakuga.ca/media/deidreblack.mov

Link to a QuickTime tutorial.

Download a 1.1 MB e-newsletter: Ryakuga Simulcast.

Thanks to the Victoria FreeNet for their ongoing support.


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