Ryakuga and Ivan Emke were in Vermilion, Alberta
for the 19th conference of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation conference.

It was the third CRRF conference to utilize Ryakuga FM radio.

Twillingate (October 11 - 15, 2005) - Ivan Emke and Jennifer Butler took FM Radio 104.7 to Big Lessons from Small Places: A Forum on Governance in Rural North America and the North Atlantic Rim. Photos by NRE2.

Tweed (October 13 -15, 2004) The New Rural Economy Project sponsored a simulcast - FM 104.7 community radio special event and webcast for the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation.

Photos from the Vermilion broadcast - SURF FM.

If you have QuickTime installed on your computer, you should be listening to Willie, Fritz and Mike play a Ukrainian tune. You can also start up QuickTime as an application and open this url - http://www.ryakuga.ca/triggers/ukraine.mov

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation

Lakeland College

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