Planning an FM Radio Special Event

Please note: This is an outline for an online course
on planning and implementing an FM radio special event.
It was originally prepared to support the development
of the Burnt Islands Sharing Our Future community media youth group.

If you use this copyright material, please acknowledge the source.

This information may be of use to any community media group interested
in community radio.

In 2011 and 2012 social networking became an essential component of our community media projects.

Link to a social networking tip sheet.

Click here to link to a description of roles and schedules
for a grassroots, participatory, community media centre.

The course also refers to the Tuning in to Climate Change project (2003).
A goal of that project was to share information
with groups interested in grassroots, participatory radio.

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In 2008 we prepared further material for workshops leading to
the use of community radio at the Trails, Tales and Tunes festival in Bonne Bay.

Click on the links to view the information.

Easy Guide to Special Event Radio

Some Ideas for Programming

Student Program Schedule

If you are actually planning an event, we recommend you download and print off these pages.

Most include a chart to fill out during each step of the implementation of the event.

Please complete the items in sequence one by one.

1. Funding

2. Place and time

3. Partners

4. Participants

5. Programming

7. Promotion

7. Setting up

8. Training of volunteers

9. The event

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