Video Production as a Fund raising Activity for Community Media Groups

Please note: This is an outline for an online course on how community media groups can make videos for profit. As government funding continues to diminish, community groups are going to have to raise money in order to survive. Selling media would seem to be a logical way for a community media group to obtain funds.

It is not new for community groups to be asked to make videos, of course. What we are trying to do is adapt the methodologies of professionals to ensure a quality production and equitable compensation.

We have also included tools which support the actual production and post production process.

Link to the Ryakuga Guide for Collaboration Video Production

A Sample Video Production List

1. Rates and budget

2. Negotiation

3. Invoicing

4. Planning/location

5. Planning/shot list

6. Planning/script

7. Production/shooting

8. Post production/editing

9. Distribution